UNTAMED is a film production company based in Seattle, WA. We create high-value content for international nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and startups. We seek to highlight the depth, beauty, and diversity of the human experience through intimate interviews and compelling vérité footage.

    John has a reputation for producing and shooting films that have a distinct sensitivity and power.

    As a cinematographer, John’s films have screened in the world’s most prestigious film festivals and have won numerous awards, including an Oscar Nomination for the film KAVI (Best Live-Action Short Film Nominee, 2010) and the Student Academy Award for VIOLA (2008).

    John is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s film production program (MFA), and the University of Washington’s department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies.



    Sean has more than a decade of experience in international filmmaking and strategic communication initiatives. As a passionate storyteller and creative strategist, his advocacy and awareness campaigns have impacted millions across multiple countries.

    Whether working with families in remote, rural villages; political dignitaries in African capitals; or executives in C-Suite board rooms; Sean works to challenge despair, build capacity, and forge partnerships.